The 2009 U.S. General Election included a section in which seven prominent Americans were interviewed and asked, "What would you do if you were president?" For this 12" title sequence, we start within the White House and move outward while zooming through symbols of American culture.
Jimmy Wales, the man who founded Wikipedia, was asked the question "What Would You Do If You Were President?"  It was my task to create a colourful, visually arresting package graphic. I tried to emulate every word Jimmy Wales said to establish the scene for his piece to camera. The behaviour of individual words arriving and leaving the screen, along with the addition of dynamic objects and a change in backdrop colour, lends to the optimum impact on-screen, guaranteeing the viewer is left surprised and captivated.
2009 promax world bda design award, general entertainment
Liz Taylor regarded as one of the greatest actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age, is renowned for both her talent and elegance. It was her passion for jewellery that motivated me, as well as her charm, to use black and white cut-outs of photographs, which would slowly enthuse onto the screen with a burst of light to depict the flash from a photographer's camera. Lighting effects were added to emphasise Liz Taylor's love for diamonds.
12" title sequence
I opted to utilise the Coronation crown to most accurately symbolise our queen.  In this timeless title sequence, the admired queen is represented with graceful lighting effects and slow drifting camera movements, that slowly reveal various perspectives of the crown. The light-based typeface is gradually revealed as it floats back into place.
secrets of the alchemist dar, 2006 package graphic
For the opener of London Fashion Week, I was inspired by Alex Gopher's 1999 'The child.' His exquisitely basic concepts inspired me to construct a setting made out of London landmarks outlined by designer names. His ideas to convey a tale by showing people, objects, and buildings within a city of moving type inspired me. As they use the streets as a runway for a fashion show, the models function as live mannequins that interact with the environment. The treatment of rich colours and the use of dynamic and exquisite lighting effects create a transition between the setting and the models that draws the observer into the new world of fashion.
2005 promax world bda design award, general entertainment, in house open, silver
Sunday with adam Bolton, 2004, 18" title sequence and break bumpers
2003 year in review, 30" title sequence
soham trial, 2003, 10" opener
Zimbabwe in crisis, 2003, 7" opener

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